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April 2015 Issue 10 Connecting Families with all things ECDS ecds IN THE NEWS Educating caring, accomplished, responsible children A Trip to Remember A Note from Peter Rennert and finding lots of

To all of the students who participated in the Annual Talent Show Congratulations and Job Well Done As always it is a pleasure to sit and enjoy an afternoon showcasing such talent. Thank you to Miss

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Social Studies Fair Taking on a different format this year, the social studies fair showcased many interesting projects and reports. We even had the pleasure of a song performed by the 12 classes acco

education fundraising connection Parents Can Instill Narcissism An interesting article that appeared in The Week, March 27, 2015 Proud parents arent doing their kids any favors by constantly tellin

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You can also make a donation to the event, purchase tickets and purchase chance tickets by visiting httpswww.donationdepot.comwpproenterpriseecds

ECDS Sunshine Club SHH....Need surprising student an idea for your special How about having hisher locker decorated It would be a great way to start the day Cost 15 If interested please email Virgi